What you need to know about the FMCSA’s proposed HOS regulation…

Read our summary of the 4 areas that are being proposed, how it could affect you, and the TIA’s response.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. Their proposal covers four key areas: short-haul exemption, adverse driving conditions, mandatory 30-minute rest break, and the split sleeper berth rules. The agency says, “The introduction of electronic logging devices for drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) have prompted numerous requests from Congress and the public for FMCSA to consider revising certain HOS provisions.”


The four specific areas under consideration for revision are:

  • Expanding the current 100 air-mile “short-haul” exemption from 12 hours on-duty to 14 hours on-duty, in order to be consistent with the rules for long-haul truck drivers

  • Extending the current 14-hour on-duty limitation by up to two hours when a truck driver encounters adverse driving conditions

  • Revising the current mandatory 30-minute break for truck drivers after 8-hours of continuous driving

  • Reinstating the option for splitting up the required 10-hour off-duty rest break for drivers operating trucks that are equipped with a sleeper-berth compartment


What does this mean?

The goal of the proposal is to alleviate unnecessary burdens placed on drivers. Many organizations and drivers support these changes and believe the increased flexibility will help with driver shortage issues. Allowing drivers more flexibility to do their job well and avoid driver fatigue will enable carriers to attract the additional drivers our industry desperately needs. More drivers means more capacity and better rates. Hopefully we will have some clarity by mid-2019 on the proposal’s viability and implementation. Until then, drivers continue to report reduced driving hours due to the current regulations which means we will continue to experience tight capacity issues.

The TIA has responded with support to this proposal of revising the split sleeper berth rule and the short haul HOS rule. The TIA said, “This gives the agency the chance to reexamine the impact of the HOS regulations and what regulations could be improved. Combine this with the amount of real-time data being collected from the motor carriers ELDs, the agency has more than enough data to update the regulatory changes that would benefit the motor carrier industry.”


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