Broker or Load Board?

Truckers can grow their business by putting others to work for them.

All carriers want to book profitable loads and have a good network of connections. If you don’t have a lot of direct shipper contacts, you may think your only option is combing through the load boards. However, you never want to put all your eggs in one basket.

Some people are suspicious of brokers and prefer to peruse load boards for jobs. Using load boards can be helpful if you are just getting started and need some revenue, contacts, and experience. There are a LOT of load boards out there and not all of them are quality ones. Usually, it takes sorting through multiple load boards to find the best loads at the best prices. This can often take hours of searching and phone calls.


Could you be making better use of your time and be booked more regularly if you partner with a trustworthy broker?

Just as there are many load boards, there are many freight broker and 3PL options out there. You will want to be careful to avoid brokers who withhold shipper payments from drivers for weeks or months, or lack knowledge specific to your business.

There are plenty of reputable brokers who want to work with dependable carriers and can be a valuable asset. At the end of the day, if the broker is offering you the rate per mile that you want and a load and you like, take it and let the broker do the searching, negotiating, and back office work for you.

Brokers can typically help by...

  • Learning your specialty/preferences to get you the loads you want.

  • Handling the tedious negotiations.

  • Arranging loads with decent reload opportunity.

  • Preventing long wait times at either end, or if unavoidable, give you an honest head's up.

  • Providing you with greater detail about each load, avoiding surprises.

  • Paying you quicker than going direct with the shipper.

Find an honest, reliable broker to partner with to expand your opportunities. Contact us now to find out how we can help your business.


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