Why are delivery times being pushed back, while prices rise?


How the driver shortage is affecting all aspects of trucking:



What happened to all the drivers?

- They're retiring  (The average age of a truck driver is 49)

- Millennials don't want to take those open spots

- ELDs are pushing people out of the industry, and into others (e.g. construction work)


What does that mean for delivery times?

- 1 driver has now replaced what 3-5 drivers did before

- Less drivers on the road = more jobs for individual drivers = increased transit time for each load



>>> What once took one day, now takes two <<<



How are companies combating the increased transit times?

- Drop-and-hook services are starting to be pushed by trucking companies

- Decrease time at warehouses to try and compensate for more loads per driver


Is Drop-and-Hook going to be an issue?

- Not all warehouses have the infrastructure to handle that (wrong doors, not enough dock workers, etc.)

- Time saved at warehouses doesn't outweigh increased time on the road

- Prices increase per load, while delivery times are pushed back




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