Lots of Roadside Inspections This Week: What You Need To Know

When is it? 

October 15-21


Where is it? 



Who will be affected? 

Truckers and bus drivers


Why do they have this week? 

This is an effort to decrease unsafe operating behavior among truck and bus drivers.  The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) wants to improve highway safety


What are they checking? 

This year, they roadside inspections will focus on traffic law compliance, safety belt enforcement, regulatory compliance, and commercial driver education.


How can I prepare? 

An inspector from years past shared this piece of advice:  if you have a clean and orderly cab, he is more likely to pass you along and let you keep driving.  His philosophy is, if you don’t put effort into your living quarters, your truck  and compliance to regulations are going to be sloppy, too.


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